In 2012 Insperia world entered the market, which used to work as third party visual effects and Stereo conversion services for international and domestic market. As per needs and demands of international market, to change company profile now we made it Yayin Studios Pvt Ltd In 2012 Insperia World was one of the first company in India, who started 3d conversion work for Indian Domestic Regional movies freelance based . when Indian market had very rare knowledge of 3D conversion, simultaneously delivering many successful international projects as well.

Company had delivered very successful projects in huge scale from its very starting days, The company was formed in terms of fulfilling all needs for International market and projects as maximum companies prefers/trusts Private Limited Firms for Legalization & expansion purpose. From the days of beginning and still continuing creation VFX and conversion movies providing Rotoscopying and other services, we do commercials and are developing our own IP for 3D; “Kasa the dream of yesterday and tomorrow”. The company is mainly cantered at VFX and Stereo Rotoscopying services.

In 2017 Yayin Studios have expanded in many different facets of the digital and media industry along with our partners and clients. Coming together and growing bigger has always been the smartest service strategy. Now we are also providing 3D Design, 3D Modeling, Animation, Light & Shading, Render, Broadcast and unity – Unity live demo character – Animation state machine demo with the help of Very much experienced and renounced leading Company.

Also if you want to shoot in Bangkok for your feature, music video or any content development at all from locations, cameras, crew, permissions to line producing. Now Yayin Studios can get it done for you with the help of our Bangkok work Partner. Who provide Digital Character, Music Video, 3D Graphics, Animated Film, Application Development too.

It’s a pleasure to disclose that Yayin Studios now can help you to grow your business too as Digital Branding & Marketing, SEO, Analytics & Marketing, Design & Development is provided by our partners who are very much thriving in digital industry.

All these newly added services are provided with the help of our Clients/Partners from various different countries, which are Bangkok, Dubai, Israel and USA.

“Coming together and providing services becomes ultimately convenient for everyone and results into a hub for Multimedia Sector at one single place hence any sort of requirementis fulfilled.”

Our Goal

“Rotoscoping is not just the work that has to be done but it is it is the job that HAVE to be done.”

Same as everyone says Rotoscoping is not a Rocket science but when the play comes pixel to pixel in order to get accuracy it’s not even less than Rocket science.
Though it’s A solid object, small particles in a shot, from water and fire we Roto all elements of earth with accuracy and equal amount of quality.

Our main goal is to change the world of multimedia industry, adopting and spreading new inventions in the industry and not only in India but worldwide. We want to and have been providing outstanding services in VFX as we have experience team, excellent quality and deadly deliveries, everyone says it but we are not interested in saying it; instead of which we love to do it and prove it.

When it comes to tell about us its quite simple and straight forward
Every single frame has its own solitary existence, polishing and nurturing it Yayin makes it alive in the Flower of Life. While working on a shot every pixel goes from the evolution of change, we submit a frame when we know every part/pixel as it’s known to us very well.

Every pixel has to come together in synchronicity to form a perfect and alive frame. That’s why we pay personal attention and care to every pixel as it’s having its own activity and solid presence in the sequence.

” Everything we said is YAYIN. The meaning of YAYIN is finding its own true desire within its fragmented reality of existence, exactly like a pixel finding its own existence in reality of a frame.”